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Whatever your business, it’s our business to do everything in our power to help you prosper, grow, and realise your potential. 

The bottom line is, you can’t afford to get your accounting wrong. We have in-house specialists focusing on the agriculture & farming, charity, hospitality, property & construction sectors. Tried and highly trusted, our financial expertise and experience gives you the peace of mind required to move forward with confidence. Allowing you to focus fully on your business, without having to worry about your financial affairs.

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Looking for a team prepared to go above and beyond but who are always on the level? Professional accountants who don’t overpromise or under deliver but who are, instead, open and honest? Our objective is to build genuine relationships with our clients and we’re as interested in the success of your business, as we are in our own.

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Always found advice to be pertinent & beneficial on both a personal & commercial level for 20+ years

- C Brown

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Latest Company Car News & Advisory fuel rates

The latest information regarding Company cars, vans, VAT definitions and fuel rates.
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Is the cash basis right for you?

Why might businesses prefer traditional accruals basis over cash basis accounting?
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Making the dividend or bonus decision

The end of the tax year is drawing near and many owner-directors of companies are putting their minds to deciding which is more tax-efficient: a bonus or a dividend.
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Savings income and higher rate taxpayers

Bank of England base rate increases, coupled with higher savings rates and frozen tax thresholds, are seeing more people pushed into the higher rate taxpayer category, tax-efficiency could mitigate this.
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