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October 2023

Keeping you up-to-date

As well as our regular news updates below, remember to check our Knowledge Hub for our more indepth blogs on the latest UK changes to tax and regulation that may impact you or your organisation.  It also includes insights and support for your future success. Please also read our partner site's weekly Business news and planning updates to help your business become more successful. Talk to us if you need support. We are with you all the way!

Is the cash basis right for you?

October 20th 2023

Why might businesses prefer traditional accruals basis over cash basis accounting?

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Making the dividend or bonus decision

October 19th 2023

The end of the tax year is drawing near and many owner-directors of companies are putting their minds to deciding which is more tax-efficient: a bonus or a dividend.

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Savings income and higher rate taxpayers

October 17th 2023

Bank of England base rate increases, coupled with higher savings rates and frozen tax thresholds, are seeing more people pushed into the higher rate taxpayer category, tax-efficiency could mitigate this.

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Flexible working - employment update

October 16th 2023

Employers need to be aware of changes to the flexible working regime expected in summer 2024. But proposals to give employees more flexibility for paternity leave are further away.

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Inheritance tax penalties soar

October 13th 2023

The value of inheritance tax (IHT) penalties to government receipts has risen by more than 1/2 over the past 2 years, with higher property values & frozen IHT nil rate band pushing more estates into the IHT net

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Tax-deductible car charges

October 12th 2023

The expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has focused attention on the business use of cars and whether clean air charges are tax-deductible.

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From helping me set up a company to managing my VAT/Corporation tax submissions, has enabled me to grow my business and provide reassurance and advice along the way. The epitome of an approachable expert and equally important, has shown enormous patience over the years as I ask the same questions about VAT every 3 months! I consider them as a trusted adviser and would happily recommend.
- One Last Thing
Finding an accounting firm who understood, and had first-hand experience dealing with all the intricacies of worldwide VAT and taxation, was a must for us. The entire Argents’ team have been friendly, helpful and professional every step of the way, and we look forward to working with them as we grow and expand with further projects.
- Prof. Troccoli, WEMC
I’ve known and used Grahame’s services for 20+ years and always found his advice to be pertinent and beneficial on both a personal and commercial level.
- C Brown
Thank you for looking after our tax affairs for the year 2018/19. As always, the care you take with our tax affairs is much appreciated.
- Rosemary S
I have used them ever since they set up in Norwich for my personal affairs. My company Signs Express has been with them likewise. Although i sold on to the management team, they are still there. I have suggested them to several others both private and corporate and they are all still there. Evidence of service of high quality at a fair price.
- Frank Eliel
Stewart supports my business through the preparation and submission of both my corporation and personal tax services. He is highly knowledgeable and efficient, always willing to offer ad-hoc advice and guidance. I would highly recommend Stewart to help with your accounting needs/QuickBooks adviser. He is great at making the complexity of tax and VAT simple to understand which is important to me.
- Louise G.
The advice I have received from each of you over the past several years has always been very helpful.
- Kevin J.
Thank you so much for all that you have assisted me with over the past years, you have been by far the best Accountants I have ever dealt with, and I will happily recommend you to anyone who asks.
- Jane G.