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Agriculture - Employing Seasonal Workers from Overseas - July 9th 2020

Guidance has been issued if you are a grower, labour provider or agency bringing workers from overseas to work on farms in England.

You must make sure that workers have documentary evidence to confirm that they are travelling to your farm to carry out seasonal agricultural work. Workers must have these documents before they travel.

Within 2 hours of workers arriving at the farm, you should give them:

  • clear instructions about their working and living arrangements
  • industry guidance on social distancing

You should ask workers to give written confirmation that they have received and understood this information.

If workers have travelled from a non-exempt country, for the first 14 days you should put workers into groups and strictly limit contact with others outside of those groups.

Check the list of exempt countries and DHSC guidance on travelling to the UK.

The size of these groups will depend on the practicalities of self-isolating groups of workers on your farm should they subsequently develop disease. The group should be made up of workers arriving on the farm within 24 hours of each other.

When working, ensure that your operations follow:

  • guidance on social distancing
  • industry best practice guidance on social distancing

At the end of 14 days self-isolation on farm

After 14 days of arrival from a non-exempt country, if no-one in the group tests positive or has any coronavirus symptoms, or 14 days after the group is isolated due to a positive test, employers should ensure that workers are aware of:

  • guidance on dealing with suspected cases of coronavirus and
  • guidance on staying alert and safe (social distancing), both on and off the farm
  • industry best practice on social distancing

Visit the government guidance here.