Business Support

While accountancy is our prime activity we do much more than making sure the figures add up.

Because we know that not all firms have the resources to be able to have a dedicated finance department, we also provide a wide range of business support services covering everything from setting up a business to bookkeeping to sourcing funding for your business.

When you're not thinking about payroll, balance sheets or bank loans, you can be 100% focused on your other priorities - and leave us to focus on the finance.

Our payroll service is both cost-effective and completely confidential. We calculate PAYE, NI contributions, SMP and SSP if applicable, providing pay-slips and summary printouts, plus, of course, compliance with the auto enrolment legislation.

We can also help with Year-end forms P35, P14/60 and P11D, remuneration packages, share options and contracts of employment.

The bottom line of our Bookkeeping services means you meet your statutory obligations to summarise income and expenditure in an agreed format. Whether you just need basic guidance or a full blown software solution, we offer flexible and effective options which can save you time, money and headaches.

VAT rules can be a veritable minefield waiting to trap the unwary, but we can guide you safely through. Our basic 'health check' ensures you're complying with statutory requirements and keeping proper records. Plus our in-depth knowledge can bring advantages to your business you may never have even thought about.

We can advise on the selection of lenders, effect introductions, and assist with the negotiation of terms, arrangement fees and interest rates. We are also able to assist in sourcing asset finance, with a repayment profile that best suits your cash flow requirements. It's still a tough climate out there but we’re on your side.

Are you ready for an investigation by HMRC? Although in-depth enquiries happen to a small minority of businesses, when they do happen, the costs can be very high. HMRC will want every detail, and even for businesses with robust records, it takes time and money to conclude matters. The professional fees of a specialist advisor can be considerable. To cover against this, we offer a Fee Protection Service, which provides significant peace of mind for a very modest cost.

Our experts can steer you through the purchase or hire of vehicles and the ongoing running costs - which can be a significant issue for many owner-managed businesses. We’ll examine the optimum strategy for your own particular circumstances, including company v's private car, fuel payments and purchase options. The rules concerning business vehicles can, and do, change relatively often. With our help, you know you’ll always be driving the best option for your business.