Wimbledon Jokes

As we're in the middle of Wimbledon... we thought it fitting to give you a tennis titter.... enjoy!


Q. Which girl's always in the middle of a tennis court?

A. Annette!


Q. What's the noisiest sport ?

A. Tennis, because it's always making a racket.


Q. What do you call a German tennis player who has the head of a hen and the body of a man? 

A. Boris Pecker (Becker)!


Q: Who is the richest tennis player? 

A. Pat Cash. 


Q: Which tennis player has wind? 

A. Andre Agassi. 


Q: Why should you never date a tennis player? 

A. Because love means nothing to them.


Q: What do you serve but not eat? 

A: A tennis ball. 


Q: Why are fish never good tennis players? 

A: They don't like getting close to the net. 


Q: So did you hear about the tennis ball and the battery that got into a fight? 

A: The battery was charged and the tennis ball is waiting to go to court.