Update- Argents Wealth Management

Ownership of Argents Wealth Management changed hands on 1 October 2018 and it is now trading under the name of Loveday and Partners.

Up until the above date 50% of the business was owned by the directors of Argents Accountants and 50% by Mark Loveday, owner of Loveday and Partners.

The directors of Argents Accountants wished to focus all their energies on the accountancy practice and with increased regulatory and administrative matters in both businesses this could only be achieved by fully withdrawing from the Argents Wealth Management business.

Adam Tebbutt continues to look after the old Argents Wealth Management clients under the well-established Loveday and Partners banner.  We wish both Adam and Mark all the very best for the future and of course we will continue to work with them for the benefit of our mutual clients. 


Grahame Miller

Managing Director