Spotlight on... Adam Tebbutt

This month we learn more about Adam from our sister company, Argents Wealth Management.

  1. Are you more of a cat or dog person? Dog.
  2. Do you prefer beer or wine? I enjoy both, but generally I prefer my wine red and complex - and my beer full of citrusy hops!
  3. Do you drink tea or coffee? Coffee, I am a bit of a (amateur) coffee snob and source my beans direct from the many fantastic independent coffee shops and roasters in Norwich – then grind at home and use my aero press or slow dripper to make a rather awesome brew!
  4. Would you rather a Chinese or Indian takeout? Neither really, I would rather cook my own – but if pushed it would be Indian.
  5. Are you a sweet or savoury person? Savoury.
  6. Would you prefer a crazy night out or a quiet night in? I have to be honest and say quiet night in.
  7. Do you prefer football or rugby? I love both equally, but Rugby feels much more real these days, the money in Football has simply made it unrecognisable from what it was even 15 years ago.  
  8. Would you prefer a beach or ski holiday? Beach. 
  9. Do you keep fit or are you a couch potato? Bit of both, I do keep fit, but also do rather enjoy a night on the sofa! 
  10. Do you mainly use the car or bike? Car. 
  11. Are you an early bird or night owl? With 3 young children I am most certainly an early bird… breakfast shift always starts at 6am sharp.. even at the weekends!  
  12. Would you rather go to the cinema or theatre? Cinema.
  13. Do you like books or a Kindle? Kindle, I was an early adopter of the kindle at first release back in 2010!
  14. Would you rather a bath or shower? A nice relaxing bath, but in a manly non-scented candle way.