Our new brand style and what that means…

The look of how we keep in contact with you has evolved as we seek to make it more engaging and consistent.

We are committed to ensuring we support you fully with any tax or accountancy issues and our new style has been designed to reflect this.

You’ll notice in our emails, newsletters, and marketing that we’re more focused on you and the services we offer to help you and your business.

Built around our existing logo, you’ll see an increased emphasis on relationships with our clients. We want to show how we help you focus on what you do best – running your businesses free of regulatory or adminstrative pressures.

We’ve worked with Norwich-based design agency Creative Sponge to visually articulate our desire to support you and help your business realise its potential.

They have evaluated our core values – to be transparent, grounded, responsive, and modest in our dealings with you – and come up with designs that emphasise this.

The new look will be seen across all the ways we contact you, including this newsletter which will now be sent out to you on quarterly basis, but there will be no change in the level of support, experience, and advice that we currently offer. It’ll just be easier to see the benefits of working with us through the eyes of some of our other valued clients.

We are always keen to hear from you and would appreciate finding out what you think of our new look. Please call Jane Yallop on 01603 666132 or email jane.yallop@argentsaccoutants.co.uk and let us know your thoughts.