New Argents Accountancy App

We have a new Argents Accountancy app that has significantly upgraded features. As one of the early adopters among professional services firms to have our own App, it is important for us to make sure our clients use the best possible technology to help with their accountancy needs.

If you used the old App you should delete it from your Smart Phone or Tablet and download the new app by searching for ‘MyAccountants’ in your App Store or Google Play, or simply click the links below on your smart phone. 

App storeGoogle store

When you open the application for the first time you will be prompted to enter a password, which is ‘argents’.


The simplest way to find out what the App does is to download, open it and look around, but see below our recommended features:

IRIS Portal

  • We believe this is going to be very useful for all clients.  It will allow you to view and electronically approve documents such as tax returns and accounts through your Phone or Tablet.  HMRC have confirmed that the software we are using for this approval has the same weight as a traditional signature.  It should certainly assist in making sure there is no more last minute panic when documents needs signed.
  • To use the IRIS Portal, you need to first sign up for it and indeed many of you already have.  Please contact or your usual contact if you want to have a Portal account set up for you.

Mileage tracker

  • Using the most advanced GPS tracking available users can now track and manage their journeys and business mileage with complete ease. Simply tap 'start' and the App will track the journey (even when minimised) and press 'stop' to end the tracking. The App will automatically prompt the user to name the journey and enable business or personal use to be selected; and that's it job done! At any time the user can export their trips to Argents, at the click of a button or as an email attachment.

Access to Online Software

  • As you may be aware we recommend QuickBooks and Xero as our preferred cloud based software suppliers.  There are direct links from the App to both so that you can access your accounts software on your phone or tablet. The builtin Xero login allows you to access your existing Xero account, giving you the same functionality as if you were accessing the site through a webpage. The link through our app actually provides more functionality and modules than Xero’s own app

Receipt Bank

  • This is an addon feature which works with many accounts software products.  Essentially you take pictures of invoices and the like on your Phone and upload them direct your accounts software where the details are sorted through optical recognition.  Talk to us if you are interested in upgrading to Receipt Bank.

Messaging Centre

  • This acts as an inbox to send you messages direct, to avoid quick emails getting caught up in a spam folder

Key Tax Dates

  • Not a complete or comprehensive list of accountancy dates, but instead a summary of the key dates and deadlines for small businesses, such as:
  • Corporation Tax payment deadlines
  • Payroll FPS submission deadlines
  • P11D and Class 1A National Insurance deadlines
  • Tax Return filing and payment deadline

Tax Tables

  • This is a useful bank of tables which will show the various tax, National Insurance, VAT, Pension rates and allowances for the previous tax year, current tax year and next tax year.

Financial News

  • Headlines and links to the latest financial news stories on the BBC News website.

Budget Pack

  • Will provide you with useful updates and summaries on the back of the Chancellor’s Budget Updates and other announcements from the government.


  • Once you have selected whether you’re located in England & Wales or Scotland, you’ll be presented with an array of calculators.
  • These will range from calculating your net pay based on your gross salary and PAYE code, calculating VAT, determining whether drawing a salary or dividend is the most beneficial profit extraction method, calculating Stamp Duty, plus many more!!

Doc Scanner

  • If you’re not using Receipt Bank, this function will still allow you to scan documents and send them through to Argents with ease.
  • You’re also able to store and manage your documents – meaning that you shouldn’t have to root around for copies of invoices or receipts in future.

Meet the team

  • Provides a list of all of the Argents team members, providing you with a brief bio on each person as well as a contact email.

Get in touch

  • Will allow you to contact us by telephone or email.
  • Can show you our location on a map at the touch of a button
  • Allows you to add Argents as a contact in your phone in one tap
  • Provides quick links to our website and social media pages


If you have any questions about the app, please contact your Argents Accountant.