Hold the line caller.

Elevator music; ancient crackly jazz blasting unapologetically into your ears; a dreary, droney voice telling you a whole lot of not much at all – the pleasures of being on hold!


At Argents, we have made efforts in line with recent updates to our brand and business to make the experience of being on hold with us an informative and welcoming first encounter, while you wait for one of our real people to receive your call. You will have the opportunity to hear what we are all about, the numerous made-to-measure accounts and tax services we offer, and how we can give you the financial peace of mind while helping your business to move forward. We endeavor to build honest, flexible, and rewarding relationships with our clients. While you’re waiting there on hold, it is important to make your time count, so we make what we have to say to you in that window count, because Argents is where people count.


If you’ve heard one of our new messages, let us know what you think.