Head for heights

We’re proud to see our client specialist clock and watchmakers Michlmayr being called in to work on Norwich’s clock tower at City Hall – just 200ft off the ground.

All four sets of huge hands have been removed from the clock which dates back to 1938. Removed by Simon Michlmayr and clockmaker Stuart Smith they are in the workshop where they will be stripped down, any corrosion removed, repaired as necessary before being primed and repainted in 24ct gold leaf.  With the minute hand, the largest of the hands, being 2.5 metres high, this is no small task.

This isn’t the first time the company has removed the hands. In 2011 Simon Michlmayr and Craig Baird had to abseil down the tower to remove them. At least this time the previously erected scaffolding which was put in place for the repairs to the actual tower itself came in useful.