Cancer - A Strange Gift

One of our clients – John Cook – has written an amazing book following his diagnosis of cancer and the ominous diagnosis that “you have at best 9 to 12 months to live”. 20 years later he’s written his story.

From such a bleak position John has been inspired to tell his story, about his fight to prolong his life, how alternative complementary medicine can enhance Western treatments and how he was eventually asked by doctors to help other patients gain confidence. His book has given other patients the much needed strength they needed to be able to think positively.

John travelled a long journey to find the best treatment for his cancer, learning about what was happening to his body and what treatments were available across many therapies. He found both Western and Eastern medicines have helped him and he is here 20 years later as proof of this.

Johnnie and Winnie 

Doctors now recommend his book to patients – to take a proactive part in their treatment and well-being, to try complementary medicines and above all to question what is happening and the treatments being offered.

This amazing book can be bought as a paperback, or Kindle download from Amazon.