Are you getting our push notifications?

We regularly send push notification messages to users of our mobile App. We send reminders, share key dates and release news information; keeping you updated at all times. So if you've downloaded the App but aren't receiving push notifications make sure you go into your settings and enable notifications for the App. 

The App recently was recently updated so make sure your mobile is using the most up to date version of the App. If you're unsure we suggest you just delete the App and download it again. 

If you haven’t already downloaded our mobile App it why not download it today? It’s absolutely free and has some really useful features and benefits. It’s dead easy to download, just click on the appropriate icon at the bottom of this page. 

A couple of the other features that people find invaluable are the receipt manager and mileage tracker.

Receipt manager
Never lose a business receipt again.
1.    It’s so easy. 
2.    Just take a photo of your receipt. 
3.    Choose the category of the receipt (e.g. travel expenses, accommodation). 
4.    Simply click to photograph the receipt
5.    Input any relevant data such as a receipt name or how you paid for the receipt and then save.
6.    You can export part or all of your receipts and send data to us or email it any email address.  

GPS Mileage tracker
As you go about your business the App is there to track every mile you drive.
1.    When you start a journey just press ‘Start trip’.
2.    Press ‘End trip’ when the journey is completed.
3.    You can create mileage reports at any time and export the data to any email contact you wish.

These are just two of the great reasons to download the App. It also holds a number of really useful calculators giving you access to data where and when you need it. Check out more features of the App and why it makes sense to download it to your mobile.