A Day in the Life of Jane Yallop, Office Manager.

Here from day one! I have been with Argents since we opened our doors in 2003, and I have to say that for the past 16 years I have always been kept on my toes! Something different is happening every day, and with it, always new puzzles to solve!

Job one of the day - email check! Although a routine process, it sets me up for the day ahead, and immediately I deal with those that need urgent attention. Onto the office calendar, where I can see what appointments are happening throughout the day.

On the frontlines in reception, I am the first point of contact to answer calls and to greet visiting clients and members of the public. Again, every day is different, with no knowing how busy I will be day to day. What I can say for sure is that January likes to loom largest - a predictably hectic month ahead of the 31stJanuary tax return filing deadline.

As Office Manager I am at the heart of the daily administrative machine. I accept and coordinate incoming and outgoing post. This responsibility is crucial in making sure our database is up to date with the correct information. I check our tracking system to make sure that current work for our clients is in hand and, where appropriate, will meet its filing deadline. In our billing quarters, I am kept especially busy looking after credit control.

Whether my colleagues need some assistance in any administrative matters, or any other unexpected situations or questions that pop up during the day, I am always here to lend a helping hand.

During my lunch hour, I do like to have a stroll into Norwich city centre, and when the occasion calls for it, a little indulgence in some retail therapy never goes amiss!

Strategically, any dictation that I’ve been sent I prefer to keep back for the afternoon, so I am refreshed after lunch. I will then deal with any further admin jobs. My final job of the day is to deal with the outgoing post. There is a certain structure to my day that I have crafted over the years, and it equips and prepares me for the fresh challenges each new day offers.